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The Ukrainian Drinking Water Association was registered on the 12th of March 2009 in Kyiv.

Under its Charter, the Ukrainian Drinking Water Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization established to represent its members’ interests.

The Association was founded by Ukraine’s powerful centralized water supply and water management enterprises, a number of research and specialized construction enterprises, equipment and materials manufacturers, and other  organizations that have their activities in this area.

The Ukrainian Drinking Water Association collaborates with central and regional executive power bodies, local self-government bodies, research institutions, sectoral associations and non-governmental public organizations.

The Association’s particular tasks are to:

- promote introduction of the European standards and guidelines to the water supply and water management area including efforts to be made by Ukraine to meet the requirements of the Protocol on Water and Health;

- cooperate with the authorities and other stakeholders for providing Ukraine’s population with quality drinking water by having centralized water supply facilities streamlined, introducing aggregate and local intensified water treatment systems where water is directly consumed, in the first turn, to the regions with critical environmental impacts as well as to curative/preventive, school and pre-school institutions and food factories;

- develop proposals on legal regulation of the water supply and distribution market to supply high-quality drinking water to the population;

- collaborate with health care agencies in developing standards, norms and regulations for drinking water quality;

- collaborate with the authorities and other stakeholders in designing standards, norms and regulations for reliable and safe operation of water supply/distribution facilities and for environmental protection;

- advocate interests of the Association’s members at the state authorities and other organizations both in Ukraine and abroad;

- facilitate conditions to be created for the Association’s members to get access to foreign markets;

- provide technical information to and training of the Association’s members;

- help spread recognized best practices in the water supply and water management area including protection of the water bodies that are used as drinking water sources;

           - organization of the specialized seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

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